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One month in your store!

We are attempting to bring back to the reader the idea of the hands-on publisher who understands readers and wants to bring the fun to the whole process.

Once we know the month of your tour slot, our authors will spread the word to their fans in your area to come see their books here in the publisher’s special Tour Shelf. Hey, the authors may even contact you about doing a pop-up event during the tour.

We will spread the word about the tour of the Independent Bookstore — YOURS!

BRB makes it easy for you!

We bring the shelf.
We bring the books.
We set it up.
All you have to do is sign the inventory sheet.
Then in 30 days, we come back, total up the sales, get payment, pack up and leave.

Email us to get more information about discounts or with any other questions you may have.