Jackie B. Yates

Blue room books is proud to announce publication of “Do I Really Look Like a Wartpicker?” by Jackie B. Yates.

He has been a mentor counselor with Youth Challenge Academy, helping youths get their lives back on track. Father of two, Chase and Rachel; he’s been married 30 years.

His daughter Rachel chose a dog from the shelter that was blind in one eye and crippled. A few months later, she handed her father all the illustrations and asked him to write about Millie finding a home so they could help other dogs like their precious Chihuahua. They published “Millie & Me, Millie Gets a Home” with the message that we all deserve to be loved no matter what we look like.

Yates illustrated the book “Knock, knock! Who’s There? GOD” for author Sue Palmer. It is a family devotional to help children understand and learn the Bible. It took a year to do all the illustrations and finalize the book and can be found on Amazon.

“Do I Really Look Like a Wartpicker?” will be released late 2020.