Blue Room Books is happy to announce the upcoming publication of “The Lucky Ones” from our newest author, Charles J. Mace. He was recommended to us by another of our authors, Alan Ray White.

As Angela K. Durden, founder and publisher, and Tom Whitfield, editor-in-chief, read over his manuscript, we found “The Lucky Ones” to be a dark novella delving into the adult ramifications of childhood abuse on highly creative people. And he did it without getting maudlin. We were intrigued. The book is in final editing now; once that is done, we will finalize the interior. Front cover design is being done now. “The Lucky Ones” will be available in print (which we recommend because you will own the copy) and as an eBook (for die-hard Kindle people who like to rent).

As Angela and Tom discussed whether or not to take on this project, they realized it would be a tough subject to fictionalize. Especially for someone whose personal experiences were nothing close to the characters in the book, Allison, Eric, Kent, and Dan. The result was handled with a deftness that comes from a deep understanding of people and an ability to tell their stories. Of course, as an attorney, he’s had a lot of practice with this and access to people-watching on a level many do not get to experience. Which means yay for us and yay for the reader. Good stuff.

Charles J. Mace, currently living in Saint Augustine, FL, is an Army brat who grew up all over the world. A graduate of both University of Georgia — Go, Dawgs! — and Georgia State University, College of Law, Charles is licensed to practice law in Georgia, and works as a corporate lawyer.

Charles married Tami, his college sweetheart, while still in college. They have three kids and have been married for 36 years.