“…compelling, captivating, and enduring –– like an outstanding musical performance. Bravo!”

“…The Musician by Mike Shaw is the book that most captured my heart.

“The characters were wonderfully developed, and I learned so much about a world most of us are not exposed to.”

Blue Room Books announces the publication of Mike Shaw’s literary novel The Musician, now available for order at Amazon and from all fine retailers of books including our wonderful Independent Booksellers. [Read one review here.] [Read an interview/review here.]

Mike Shaw is a career writer and musician. He spent twenty years performing in nightclubs and on concert stages as a singer-pianist, both as a solo artist, in small combos and for several years heading up a seven-piece New Orleans-based jazz funk band.

As a writer, he counts more than 13,000 published articles, from investigative pieces adapted for 60 Minutes and ABC 20/20 features, to ghostwritten articles, white papers, blogs, and two book-length documentaries for corporate clients. He continues to write for a small, select group of corporate clients, and is completing a non-fiction book with a former Federal Reserve Bank chief economist on the interconnection and interdependence of the world’s economies. Visit his website here.

Mike has worked in radio, founded and edited city and trade magazines, and presided over three Atlanta-based marketing agencies. As a member of the Atlanta Writers Club he launched and oversees a program to help aspiring writers convert their skills into financially rewarding careers.