We opened for business in September of 2017 and began actively seeking titles with merit. In 2018 we published I AM ISRAEL. In the first half of 2019 we added two more titles — Rock Around the Block and Conversations In Hyperreality — to our catalog. In The Year of the Covid and The General Meltdown of The World’s Governments and Infrastructures, otherwise known as 2020, we added Prose and Cons by Pop Icon Len Barry and Do I Look Like a Wartpicker by Jackie Yates. In February 2021 we published Jedwin Smith’s A Marine and a Journalist walk into a bar. Mike Shaw’s The Musician was published in April of 2021 and in May W.F. Whitson’s The Librarian — Intrigue at RAF Greenham.

In January of 2022, we published the Lynn Hesse crime novel The Forty Knots Burn. T.M. Brown’s Purgatory: A Progeny’s Quest is now available also. We are currently bringing along two more authors to be published in 2022/23. To purchase, click Buy It Here link under each.

Do you believe you have a book in you but don’t know how to get it out? Have you written a book but don’t know how to get it edited, designed, and published so that it looks and sounds professional and enticing? Then please email the publishers at blueroombooks@outlook.com for more information.