Blue Room Books is accepting submissions to two new anthologies. The first will feature Southern short-form humor. The second will have short stories featuring crime in the South. [We leave it to you, the writer, to decide where your South is. South Georgia? South Jersey? South Toronto?] Both books can include fiction and non-fiction. Multiple submissions are encouraged but authors’ works will likely be limited to one per book.

There is no cost to submit and the publisher will never ask for any money from authors in order to be included in either book. The works will be chosen based on a variety of criteria that fit the genre(s) in which the authors write. The editorial panel will remain anonymous until publication.

To submit a manuscript to Blue Room Books, read the following contract, then click the link to submit:

Blue Room Books, an imprint of WRITER for HIRE! Press, has made a call for submission to two different books. One of Southern short-form humor; the other of short stories featuring crime in the South. The Submitting Author agrees that if their story is non-fiction that they have changed the names to protect the innocent or not-so-innocent, or have received written permissions from those people to be included in the book and the author further agrees to submit those written agreements to the publisher.

The Submitting Author understands that their submission does not mean automatic inclusion into the book of their choice, and that they may be asked to edit their work or agree to being edited. If the Submitting Author does not agree to the providing of professionally edited work or to the editing of the work from the panel of editors, the Submitting Author is under no obligation to have their work included.

The Submitting Author further understands that the copyright of their submitted work belongs wholly to them, but that the copyright in the work as it sits in the compilation’s layout and design of both interior and cover art belongs to Blue Room Books and that the Submitting Author’s work will not be included in any other book the publisher will release and that the publisher will not use the Submitting Author’s work in any other form or fashion other than short quotes to use in marketing the book. The author agrees to provide their image and other information on the submission form for the publisher’s use in marketing.

The Submitting Author also agrees that this submission for inclusion in either or both books will not accrue any royalties to them from retail sales but that the author will receive upon publication payment in the form of twenty (20) books that they can hand sell or sell from their personal website for whatever price they want and keep all profit from that sale, or give away as they deem, and that the author will have the option of buying after publication any quantity of the book for wholesale $ + shipping (current at time of printing). The book will only be released in printed form and will never be released as an e-book.

This is the complete agreement between the publisher, Blue Room Books, and the Submitting Author.

If the Submitting Author agrees to this, they are to click the link(s) below to upload their work(s).

Click here to upload for book of Southern Humor.

Click here to upload for book of crime in the South.